Multilayer Solid (Compound Solid)

To preserve the natural and organic value of solid timber while eliminating its weak points, Champaca have developed our multilayer solid product to provide our customers with the best of both world. This product construction will not only be superior to standard solid timber in terms of stability but it will also allow us to use every last piece of woods to its fullest - inline with our vision to delivery high quality sustainable products..

Our Product Construction

Our Product Construction

Our Product Construction

Our core product construction is a multilayer (3 or 4 layers) of solid natural timbers knitted together in a Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) form. This construction enhances the product stability while also allow every pieces of timber to be fully utilized.

1. The top layer is finished with hardwax oil to maintain the natural wood feel and while also providing ease of maintenance. Our product is of low Volatile Organic Content (VOC)

2. The top lamella is a 3mm or 4mm thick solid hardwood.

3 & 4. The Core and Balancer layers are manufactured from solid hardwood. Both layers have been impregnated with Alkaline Copper Quarternary (ACQ) solutions to eliminate any existing fungus from the wood while also protect them from new fungus, termite and other insects. Champaca use glue that is free from harmful formaldehyde.

Product performance

Natural timbers will expand or contract when exposed to humidity changes. The rate of expansion or contraction is largely linked to the width of the timber, in other words, the wider the plank, the larger the movement.

Our multilayers construction lower the rate of movement by at least 4 times when compared to standard solid timber planks of the same size.

We are confident because we have rigorously tested our products in various climate conditions both at our own laboratory and at certified third-party facilities.

Cleaning and Maintenance

We use UV Hardwax Oil to maintain the wood's natural look and feel but also to make sure that the floor can be easily clean and maintain.

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